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The Township of North Algona Wilberforce is welcoming comments on the new promotional signage project the Township is undertaking in cooperation with the Eganville and Area Community Development Group.

The Maps are for Eganville and area; they are nonspecific to one Township. The concept core is Eganville and branches out to include the surrounding area.

The TODS (Tourism-Oriented Directional Signage) on the maps is intended to provide the viewer with the proximity of services and attractions; it is not intended to be individual business identifiable. The intent is to display what we have and generally where these things are, to assist tourists visiting the area. Adding individual and identifiable businesses weakens and clutters the map.

Basically, we want to identify services, hospitality, accommodations, food and attractions. Think of it as a snapshot of the area or a cover page of a magazine. We want people to be interested, educated and curious. We want them to open the book and turn the next page.

The maps have a strong “Eganville” presence. On the header of the sign is “DiscoverEganville.ca” giving the appearance it’s all about Eganville. This is not the case at all and the reality is that we are joining with the Eganville and Area Community Development Group, they have branded their campaign to include their township with the surrounding area. Although it seems at first glance to be all about Eganville and nothing about North Algona Wilberforce, these maps will promote our Township as well and steer tourists toward our destinations, businesses and attractions that we offer in North Algona Wilberforce.

On the lower portion of the map will be our township branding and below the sign will be a banner with our logo and webpage, this give tourists the option of going directly to our website.

Keeping in mind that this is a partnership and the branding of “DiscoverEganville.ca” has already been established, we invite productive comments that will assist the township to move forward with this project.

This is about capturing a market and providing a better experience for visitors. It is a first step; we can build and shift the focus in the future, at this time it is about getting the signs up and visible now.

Comments will be welcome till noon on Tuesday November 6th 2018

Comments can be directed to Heidi at heidi@nalgonawil.com or just drop them off at the office at 1091 Shaw Woods Road.

Thank you very much.



Andrew Sprunt

CAO/OM, North Algona Wilberforce

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