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Demand to Protect Double Hatter Firefighters

Renfrew County’s EMCOP-Spring Freshet

Fire Protection Services NAW

Watershed Booklet - Healthy Waterfronts

2018 March Information Tax Sheet

Property owners who have questions about their 2017 Notices can visit this link MPAC

Community Support Services in Ontario's Champlain region

The Local Share


2017 Municipal Budget and Public Information Session Presentation

Freedom of Information Application

IPMP COR DRAFT - Feb 2017 - For Public Review

The Municipal Office

The following services and applicable fees are offered available at the municipal office and by request:

  • Payment of property taxes

  • Applications and payment of permits and pet tags

    Dog Tags

  • Tags can be paid for at the township office OR by downloading the form and sending it to the office with either cash/cheque. Click the link below for Dog Tag Application

  • 2019 Dog Tags are available for purchase; before March 31st for $15.00 for the first dog and $25.00 for the second dog. After March 31st; first dog is $25.00 and second dog is $45.00


    Photocopies + 13%HST

  • Photocopies @ $0.20/copy

    Faxing + 13%HST

  • $1.50/page (in coming)

  • $2.50/page (out going)

    Tax Certificates

  • Tax Certificates @ $40.00

    Letter of Opinion

  • Letter of Opinion @ $40.00

    Zoning By-Law Book (Copy)

  • Entrance Permits $150.00

    Holding Tanks

  • Holding Tank Disposal - Actual Cost

    Information Research (Including Sewage and Septic)

  • Information Research $40.00

  • Request for General info $5.00/application fee

  • 1/4 hour record prep $7.50

  • 1/4 hour search time $7.50

  • 9-1-1 Sign/Post

  • NEW $75.00


    Shoreline Road Allowance

  • $5.00 per linear foot + HST

  • $250.00 Administrative Fee

  • Legal Fee - Actual Cost

  • Surveying - Actual Cost

  • Advertising - Actual Cost

    Waste Management

  • $2.00 per square or $40.00 per full card (Berndt Road Site, Shaw Woods Road Collection Point and OVWRC)

  • $0.50 per Grocery Bag (Berndt Road Site & Collection Point)

(Commercial & Residential Waste)

  • $12.00 per cubic meter by volume (Berndt Road Site ONLY)

    Cottage, Ball Park & Community Centre Rentals

Please contact the Heidi at the Township Office or email at for availability.

Township Park Cottage Rental

  • $800.00/week

  • $30.00 per day (Month of June for Service Clubs, Minor Sports, Church Groups, Charities)

  • 50% Non-Refundable deposit per rental (Returned if no damage)

Township Park Ball-field Rental

  • $6.00 per hour (no lights)

  • $15.00 per hour (lights)

  • $100.00 Bond per Rental (Returned if no damage)

  • 50% Non-Refundable deposit per rental

Golden Lake Community Centre Rental

  • $20.00 per hour or $60.00 per day

  • $120.00 per day for Licensed Function

  • 50% Non-Refundable deposit per rental

  • Outdoor Sign - $10.00 per rental


Council Meetings

Regular Meetings of Council are held on the first and third Tuesday at 7PM of each month at the Municipal Hall at 1091 Shaw Woods Road.

Agendas can be viewed on the Agendas page of the website.

Tax Department

Taxes can be paid at the Township Office (cash, cheque or Interac), at any Branch of Northern Credit Union, via Telephone Banking or set up through your bank attached to your mortgage. (See personal banking manager for details)

If paying via Telephone Banking or at the Branch, please allow two to three banking days to process the transaction by the due date.

A penalty of 1.25% per month will be applied to all payments not received by the due date.

TAXES ARE DUE ON: MARCH 31st, MAY 31st, AUGUST 31st & OCTOBER 31st, 2018

Recreation Events

Contact the Township Office for registration for upcoming events. You can also check the Eganville Leader under "Upcoming Events"

Check out the Rankin Culture & Recreation Centre website for upcoming events.

Renfrew County Land Severance

The County Of Renfrew Land Severance Guide & Application can be downloaded and brought into the office or sent electronically.

Ontario Renovates with The County of Renfrew

Found here is a fact sheet and application for the following program: to provide financial assistance to homeowners via forgivable loan for repairs to their home to be more energy efficient and/or to increase accessibility of their unit.

Ontario Renovates with the County of Renfrew

Emergency Minor Home Repair Assistance Program

Found here is a fact sheet and application open to low-income homeowners who require minor home repairs that will allow for continued safe occupancy.

Emergency Minor Home Repair Assistance Program

The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit

Are you over 65? Are you living with a family member who is a senior? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be eligible for a tax credit to help with the cost of making your home safer and more comfortable. Click the link below for more information.

The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit

Hydro Rebate Forms/Letter to Hydro

Click on the link >Hydro Rebate Form to download the Declaration to Apply for Year-Round Residential Rate Status and the Petition for Hydro Rates.

NAW Concern Forms

NAW_Citizens_ Concern Form